LARK Education Associates - Accreditation Consulting

LARK Education Associates - Accreditation Consulting

LARK Education Associates offers a range of accreditation consulting services, from school set-up and curriculum development to obtaining and maintaining accreditation,  from  responding to areas of non-compliance and surviving an unannounced visit.  We offer both individual, a la carte services, and packages.  A list of our most common services can be found below.  

Whatever your needs, feel free to contact us at (304) 280-2833 or

Our NACCAS Accreditation Consultants and Accreditation Specialists are available to you for a reasonable cost that is comparable to other consulting firms.  Our NACCAS Consultants and Accreditation Specialists generally charge by the project for our accreditation consulting services. However, some projects can be quoted at an hourly rate.

NACCAS Consulting Services

Applying for Candidate Status and/or Initial Accreditation
Renewal of Accreditation
Preparing an Institutional Self-Study (ISS)
Preparing for an Accreditation Visit
Virtual Visit Preparation and Submission of Documentation
Pre-NACCAS Visit Audits
Certification of Annual Report Data (CARD) Initiative Responses
Monitoring of Accreditation and Standards Responses
Limitation and Deferral Responses
Additional Locations
Change of Ownerships and Due Diligence (see below)
Addition of New Programs
Program Self-Studies (PSS)
Drafting Catalogs, Enrollment Agreements, Refund, Leave of Absence and SAP Policies
Petitions for Variance
NACCAS Annual Reports
Low Outcomes Monitoring
School Operations Policy and Procedure Manuals
Financial Aid Policy and Procedure Manuals
Consumer Information Disclosure Catalogs
Continuous Compliance Maintenance Packages

 Change of Ownership and Due Diligence

Are you thinking of buying a school?  "When you buy the school, you buy the problems."  This is a well known adage in the industry and many buyers have quickly come to realize how big a mistake they made by proceeding without the help of an expert in these transactions.  Our accreditation consultants have seen countless changes of ownerships where the new owners had no idea of the problems associated with the schools they purchased.

We can help you determine what those problems are.  We are familiar with what all the documents and notes in a school’s accreditation file mean.  Think of it like a home inspection – wouldn’t you rather have an inspector who worked with the architect?  Our accreditation specialists have spent hours working with these documents and combing through institutional files.  Our accreditation consultants know exactly what to look for, and exactly where to find it.
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